5 Impressive Hill Forts in the desert state of Rajasthan

Well-known state of royals, Rajasthan is much influenced by the glorifying past of the erstwhile kingdom when some regions of the state were ruled by mighty kings and maharajas. Their footprints are still traced in the state itself behind the grand walls of historic forts which can give a classic introduction of the former era. The lifestyle of royal maharajas can be well-witnessed and experienced in this beautiful state which can blow your mind for once. The state is widely famed for its splendid stretch of golden sand dunes offering an amazing Desert Safari Jaisalmer experience.

Do you know there exist some towering hill forts overlooking the widespread desert land that bespoke for the history of royal Rajasthan’s exquisite design? Well, that’s true, there are many beautiful hill forts of Rajasthan which are also a part of UNESCO recognized World Heritage Sites in India. Here’re listed some of the best known hill forts that you can explore on a sightseeing tour of desert country of India –

Chittorgarh Fort – Being the grand and largest fort of India, Chittorgarh Fort draws a major attention of tourists from across the globe on its own way. It sprawls over to the height of 590 feet offering the splendid views of surroundings and was constructed by the King Chitrangada Maurya in 7th century Ad.

Kumbhalgarh Fort – Resting on a steep hill of 1100 meters by Rana Kumbha in the 15th Century, this impressive fortress is enclosed with a 36 kilometers long wall that protects its vast complex area. This complex houses 360 beautiful temples and Shiva Temple.

Amer Fort – Ultimate blend of Mughal and Rajput style of art can be seen in this stunning Amer Fort when exploring the Pink City of India, Jaipur. The fort palace is completely made by the red sandstone and marbles showcasing the fine art of former craftsmanship.

Jaisalmer Fort – Fully adorned with yellowish sandstone structures, Jaisalmer Fort is the most beautiful sand castle famous for its magnificence and majestic charm. It was constructed by Bhati Rajput Ruler of Rao Jaisal which is resting on the Trikuta hill surrounded by the Thar Desert and is a major part of Jaisalmer Sightseeing Tour.

Ranthambore Fort – The immensely beautiful hill fort lies almost 70 feet above the ground level which is now just a ruin. It is stunningly designed and constructed by the Jat King Raja Sajraj Veer Singh Nagil. In its foothills, there’s a tiger sanctuary that draws many wildlife enthusiasts throughout the year.

Conclusion – Traveling across the state of royal’s, there’re so many tourist places to visit which can surely amuse you for once. Just like revealing the former past will take you back in the days, there on the other hand desert trails in Jaisalmer Tour Package will blow your mind with its thrilling adventurous experiences. So, if you are planning your historic Rajasthan tour, then consider these impressive forts in your travel itinerary.

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