A Message From Sawai Dan...

Hello everyone,

I am Sawai Dan presenting my views on this pandemic situation of Corona Virus, which is like a disaster to the world, affecting many different ways. I hope that you all are safe and secure at your place with family and wishing you good health in the future.

Situations of COVID 19 are getting worse day by day and most of us have never ever got a thought of bearing such a disastrous attack of the disease. Not just the world economy, but life has almost stopped and everyone is bearing a loss in their own way. I wish soon everything will get perfect and we all get back to our lives just like the way it was before on a track. Although, the government is doing its best to make everything normal and standard.

The most important thing is that the tourism industry is the most affected one due to corona disease. Each and every person who belongs to the tourism sector is equally affected by such things. Right from the traveler to the travel service provider’s and every second person is bearing a loss in their own ways. As we all are a family, we all trying our best to cope up with this situation in its best way.  

Hopefully, everything will come back into its usual track, so that we start offering our services again just like the earlier way. I can understand that many of you all are missing the desert life & its exciting adventures, and as things go well, we’ll surely continue our services to let you enjoy the best experiences of desert safaris.

All those moments of sleeping under the canopy of stars over a vast stretch of desert, the experience of jeep safaris, stunning sunset views, bonfire and gossips with friends, cultural night, and more, every single thing will soon get started after this breakdown of coronavirus. We are eagerly waiting for your arrival to the desert land so that we all together enjoy several exciting adventures and find the way of happiness. While stepping out of houses, we need to keep ourselves safe and secure. For sure, we all have to change our mindset not just for boosting tourism again, but because of earning our livelihood and maintain our lifestyle. Also, everyone who is linked with this sector can feed their families with the best.

It is my heartiest request to all my guests that, please do all sorts of favors as your contribution to save or help our people in the travel industry.  Shortly, our services will get the start again one day, until then I would like to request you to stay safe and save the tourism sector too with an aim of SAVE Tourism for the sake of all our travel family and friends as we all are bound with this industry.

From your friend of the desert estate,

Your only Sawai Dan…

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