Being an adventurous person I would like to travel to many tourist places. Among many tourist places, I find Jaisalmer is one of the best tourist attractions. The city of Jaisalmer covers the tourist spot from the desert to the land of architecture. A One-day trip is not enough to visit the main tourist spots in Jaisalmer. The Jaisalmer city is also called the “golden city”. This name has been registered in the minds of local and tourist people due to the yellow sandstone and sand in and around the city.

I have reached Jaisalmer through train and from there I took a private cab with the air-conditioned facility on my demand. They pick me from the railway station and drop me in Jaisalmer tourist place. During traveling in a cab he instructed me about the city of Jaisalmer and tourist spots. He was with me the whole day and he provided me smooth services with proper guide.

I would like to share some of my own personal experiences during my trip to the city of Jaisalmer. The city is not just full of adventures but also the place to represent the ancient workman’s craftwork and also the cultures and traditions of Rajasthan.

During my stay in Jaisalmer, I visited Gadi sagar lake. It stands beautiful in dryness of Jaisalmer. This lake is a man-made reservoir that was founded to provide a source of water to the people in the city of Jaisalmer. I walked through the muddy lanes to the lake with the majestic fort in the background. I reached to gadi sagar lake trough Jaisalmer jeep safari.  The lake is surrounded by number of religious shrines and chattris. It looks like an umbrella-shaped dome.

The Gadi sagar lake is full of catfish. Earlier, there were several incidents of drowning every year in the lake. Despite the government warnings, the young kids continued to visit and swim in the lake. To discourage this, the government breed the lake with catfish. Those catfish scared the kids away and the drowning incidents declined. Today the lake is one of te tourist attraction in the Jaisalmer city.
Sam dune is a place of adventure. I spent a day trip in the dunes of Jaisalmer. It is one of the most unique experiences in my life by taking an adventurous ride like camel safari and jeep safari. The sands in dunes constantly give a new shape to this stunning desert landscape in Jaisalmer. I visited the sunset point of Jaisalmer through camel ride. The evening is the best time to visit the place.

Jaisalmer camel safari trip is well organized and camel owners are well aware of the temperature of the dunes. I enjoyed the magic of dunes totally with the help of these guides. It was a wonderful experience to sit on the back of the camel and enjoyed the views of the sand for miles together. The scene looked amazed during sunset when rays of the sun make the sand shine. Jaisalmer sand dunes safari is a must to add in your adventurous trip to Jaisalmer

I visited desert national park which is one of the largest parks in India. The best option to enjoy the magnificent landscape is by taking a jeep safari, which offers a view of extinct view of landscapes. Its landscape comprises sharp rocks, rolling sand dunes, a thick lake, and a mix of all at some places.  It is home to several different species, animals, birds, reptiles, and so on. vast variety including chinkara, blackbuck, sand grouse, desert fox and cat, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Himalayan, and Eurasian Griffon Vultures, etc.

It was fortunate enough for me to be on time to see some rare creatures in the desert park. I happened to witness exotic wildlife species, living in the Thar Desert. I was lucky enough to spot a pair of the Indian Bustard of where very few are known to exist in the Indian Subcontinent.

The desert camping in Rajasthan is one of the must-try experiences during the trip to Jaisalmer. There are various choices of camp facilities are available. The Jaisalmer desert camp package varies from basic to premium. I choose a basic camp with needed facilities. They offered a standard menu with limited choices, the taste of those foods look rich and it brings out the taste and preferences of Rajasthani people.

The desert camp in Jaisalmer offered me one of the best campfire and open-air restaurants on the sand dunes. The Jaisalmer desert camp organizes various events after the sun set down in the Sam sand dunes. All those events were conducted to keep the tourists entertained after the entire day trip in the Jaisalmer Sam sand dunes.

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