Camel ride in dunes of Jaisalmer- A must of Rajasthan Tourism

We were planning our India trip from the past three months but not decided as what places must be included as we have only 10 days (including flight transfer) so technically left with 8 days. We discussed our plan with the travel agent and he suggested for Rajasthan Tour as all that we are looking for is there starting from food, art, culture, royal ambiance and the sparkling market for bags full of shopping souvenirs. 

So, we landed in New Delhi, where we were picked up by the agent and drive towards the Rajasthan’s capital. Since m   this blog after coming back to Germany and have all the time to write about my India travel experiences, so in this piece of work, I am writing in detail about my experience with Jaisalmer. 

We planned a two days trip to Jaisalmer where we were supported by a driver who took us to the hotel. Well, it is not an exaggeration but the things they claim about the ambiance of Jaisalmer is true. This place is a bit backward but has a close association with its past as most of the people were wearing Kurta Pajama instead of formals opposite to what we have observed in Jaipur. Females are mostly dressed up in their traditional attire (as explained by the driver). We were quite excited for particularly Jaisalmer as the Camel Ride was the thing which was there in our “Musts” list.  

We checked in to the hotel which was a heritage hotel constructed like a palace and has interiors on the theme of heritage look. We have been suggested to use water wisely as this place has a scarcity of water though water supply was proper, however, it is for paying respect to nature and its resources we took great care of this thing. We explored the monuments like Sonar Fort & Patwa Haveli on our own. 

We enjoyed lunch at a local specialty restaurant where we were served with Daal, Baati, Garlic Chutney and buttermilk along with sweet dished. Indeed the food was very heavy and spicy but I have never tasted such things before. Preparation was very delicious and afterward, we started feeling drowsy (no, not because the food was drugged!) as we ate more than we have an appetite and that buttermilk was the drink that made us feel like sleeping in the restaurant only. Anyways, we gathered all courage and took a strong coffee as we were scheduled to dunes ride in an hour.

Sharp at 2 pm we were picked up by the Real Desert Man Camel Safari representative who drove us to the dunes area in a jeep. As soon as arrived at the dunes, the scenic beauty around us was the most alluring thing that took us to surprise. The area was not populated with tourists and we felt like the entire dunes to us. The place was as beautiful as the true gift of nature. Here winds are flowing in a manner making a smooth touch on us making us let loose all the things behind. 

I and my friend (Kathy) both were assigned camels individually whereas Kanha, my camel was looking a bit choosy as I pet his forehead he was not that happy as his friend Bishan was looking happy to see Kathy. Climbing on the back of Kanha was the most hilarious thing or I must say the funniest part. Though we were accompanied by the coaches, Kanha was a bit hesitant to offer me the ride. Finally, in the third attempt, he was like, Okay, but one time only!   

The panorama of the dunes was spectacular, ever single view was mind-blowing. The goofy ride took us to a place where some shrubs were resting on the barren land and on the other side was dunes, and it was the time for grabbing the most beautiful sunset view. We were ready with all the possible postures to make our memory with this sunset forever. 

The setting sun at the dunes was the best memory of my Jaisalmer tour, in fact, this is something I would like to recommend to everyone who is planning for Rajasthan Tour this should not be missed. The scenic beauty of this place is charming and can be best described by writing a poem since m not the one with skills of writing a poem all I can say is that “the desert where you feel all alive and enchanted, Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer is such place that must be visited once in a lifetime”.

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