Camping in Jaisalmer: An Unmissable Adventure

Jaisalmer is the golden city of Rajasthan and it has been on every wanderer’s checklist. While the city is a must-visit for anyone for a quintessential Indian experience, desert Camping in Jaisalmer makes for a place that feels like a place come alive out of a comic book. It puts together fun, culture, entertainment, adventure, luxury stays and many more things so that your holidays with stay with you for long. It starts with you being driven to the heart of the Thar where the Sam Sand Dunes stands, a one of its kind desert areas at just 40 km from Jaisalmer.

What makes it different?

Unlike most campsites, which have mountains surrounding it, a lake view from the top or the mountain top from where you can look at the tiny world below, this has nothing but an expanse of sand all around. There are various luxury, mid-range camps on the site here to make your Luxury Overnight camping the most memorable. Do not let go of this unforgettable experience of evenings spent under stars, with your toes tucked in soft, desert sand.

The Camel safari Tour is an addition to the desert camping at Sam Sand Dunes. It begins at the site of the tents and takes you on the back of a camel to the sunset point nearby. You can watch the sun from yellow to orange, and then red right before it gets lost in the sand. Also, it is the perfect time to click pictures in the dunes. Soak yourself in this sand and enjoy this experience.

What is the best time to do it?

Jaisalmer is a very hot town and so undoubtedly the best time to do the desert camping would be in winters. But be prepared, the days in Jaisalmer would still be hot even if you visit in winters and so it is advisable to carry cotton clothes to wear during the day. Despite the days being hot the night in Jaisalmer would be somewhat cold and you should also carry a warm jacket with you. The best Things to do in Jaisalmer are all available during the winters, and you will get a lot of other tourists to meet in this climate.

What else can you do along with it?

 You get to experience the desert with the Thar Desert Tour, in a way which no other place provides for. Most people only come for the desert camping with the luxury stay and the camel ride.

If you want to explore more you can book a desert camel safari with your service provider. The most highlighted part of Safari packages is a Camel Safari Jaisalmer in the Non-Touristic/ Less-Touristic/ Offbeat tracks of desert area. Here, you can enjoy the magnetic and peaceful aura of the desert wherein you can relive the beauty of nature. They will take you to visit the abandoned place of Kuldhara, where you can eat the simply cooked meals that they prepare for you in front of your eyes, over an open fire in the midst of the desert. You will get to stay overnight in the mobile camps. Next day you will be taken back to the camp site where they will have arranged a cultural and musical evening for you. After the amazing performances by the folk artists, you can head over to have the lavish dinner buffet at the campsite. In the morning, right at sunrise, you can go for the jeep safari, which is another unique experience in Jaisalmer.

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