The golden triangle is named after the triangular-shaped appeared in the regions of New Delhi, Agra, and Rajasthan on the map. Golden triangle is the most popular in India where the trip generally starts in Delhi later reaches out to Agra and eventually ends in Rajasthan. I planned to experience this golden triangle of the Rajasthan trip so I picked up my family along with me for this trip. We started our initial trip to Delhi, once we arrived at Delhi, we settled in a hotel for resting and after having breakfast we then head out for some beautiful sightseeing places. There are quite many attractions in Delhi where we reached out to a wonderful place that is Qutab Minar, red fort, Lodhi gardens, lotus temple, and some more. We had acknowledged the history of those places and wondered about those precious places that exist still in a beautiful style.

After experiencing these historical places, we moved from the capital city to the city of Agra. Agra is one of the best remarkable cities for the home of the many ancient forts with a splendid history behind it. This city is also very famous for its iconic Taj mahal. There is an abundance of places to experience and explore in Agra city. We were all very much delighted to visit the Taj mahal. Once we entered it look so majestic where the white marble shined and the architecture look so elegant. No wonder why this Taj mahal is attracted by people from all over the world. Then we went to Agra fort where it showcases architectural richness to our eyes. We walked through this historic fort and explore its impressive buildings and structures. 

After visiting these grand historical places, we reached to the railway station for our next trip to Jaipur. The Jaipur is famously called as the pink city of India. It is the gateway to the desert state of Rajasthan. Jaipur is a special place and has numerous stories to tell. Each place has a history of its own and the stories, legends, and myths make it even more special. We went to a famous place like Havelis and forts where the old architecture exhibits great artwork. Then went to the museum, shopping markets where we bought many shopping items, I am fond of Rajasthan jewellery so I bought some traditional Rajasthan jewellery and handicrafts. We spent some extra time in shopping where they have huge collections and it was challenging for us to choose the one we want. After having dinner in the Jaipur we headed out to Jaisalmer by train.

we pre-booked the camp with a Jaisalmer tour package. There are various desert camps in Jaisalmer and we choose the best desert camp in Jaisalmer. Then we started our journey to Jaisalmer by train and reached the Jaisalmer railway station after the long travel. There the camp organized a guide to bring us to the camp and also we demanded a private bus with some more comfortable facilities. They came up with our needs and dropped us at the camp safely. We were very much satisfied with their caring behaviour.

They provided a welcome drink upon our arrival and it was a non-alcoholic drink for our refreshment. Then we put down a language and relax for a while and had an appetizing breakfast offered by the camp and went out to some sightseeing places in a jeep safari in Jaisalmer. We reached to Jaisalmer fort and looked awe stuck with its majestic architecture. The entire architecture was build using golden sandstone. The fort was shining at golden in the rays of the sun. we went inside the fort and explored the beauty of the fort. After the fort, we reached out to some other places like gadisar lake, Havelis, etc.

Then on the second day of the Jaisalmer tour, we explored in the sand dunes activities. We experienced thrill rides in a jeep safari, quad biking, and then finally we went for a camel group ride. Jaisalmer camel safari package is assorted according to the camel owner. We all seated upon the camel and enjoyed the bumpy ride together across the sand dunes Jaisalmer by making fun of each other, clicking portrays, and also enjoyed the sunset view. One of the striking things about camel group safari is to capture the sight of the golden city behind the dunes during sunset.

After experience an entertaining activity in the desert safari, we returned back to the camp and enjoyed numerous events organized by them. The events were like musical performances by folk singers, dance performances, live entertainment, and so on. I just sat back in my seat and stressed out my mind with those fascinating performances. Then we slept in the dunes under the millions of stars. Sleeping under the dazzling sky upon the sand dunes was one of my most memorable experiences during my trip to Jaisalmer.

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