In this topic, I am going to share my experience in riding a hot air balloon in Jaisalmer. Being an adventure freak I always try to go to different places and do different rides. But hot air balloon was still on my bucket list for a long so that I planned to go on a hot air balloon ride along with my friends. I have heard about Jaisalmer which is one of the great destinations to do hot air ballooning. So we planned to book a desert camp in Jaisalmer. So I enquired about the best desert camp in Jaisalmer. They also suggested some camp and finally, we booked a camp to stay. Jaisalmer desert camp rates were of different ranges from the basic to the luxury. We chose a luxury camp in Jaisalmer.

We reached Jaisalmer by train during the time of evening. The camp organizers sent us a guide and a cab to the railway station to pick us from the railway station and drop us to the desert camp in Jaisalmer. We spend the evening night in the Jaisalmer desert camp. After taking a rest for a while we came out and sat outside the tent to enjoy the cool breeze and the air was so refreshing and at night they organized a cultural event along with a buffet dinner. We all slept under the open sky in the sand dunes Jaisalmer.

The next day we woke up early before the sunrise for an early morning ride. They dropped us at the place where the hot air balloon ride will take place through a jeep safari in Jaisalmer. 

There are different types of hot air balloon packages available one can choose according to their wants. Each balloon can carry up to a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 riders. Less or more people will be added depending upon the packages. Before taking up the ride they checked the weather, the balloon tours are only undertaken when the weather is good with light wind, no rain, and thunderstorms in the area. There are experienced pilots who ride on the balloon safari. 

The balloon reaches different altitudes depending on the topography and weather of the location. The maximum elevation that the flight reaches is approximately 1200 feet from the ground.

The hot air balloon ride started during sunrise. Once the ride had started we felt so excited and thrilled to fly above the vibrant landscape. Once the balloon rises in the sky we saw the great Thar desert shining in the golden rays of the sun and it looks magical. It appeared to be merely a colorful speck in the sky. The balloon started slowly up and flew in the air. The hot balloon flies better in cold air. During morning times, the surface of the earth is colder. The temperature got slightly warmer once it flew over high feet in the air. In the morning hours, wind speeds are often more predictable. From the basket, we felt the warmth of fire above the gentle breeze in our face and were amazed to see the entire paranomic views from a high place. 

The excitement of witnessing aerial views of palaces, forts, lakes was truly adventurous. I was amazed to see the nice look of the forts, glides over the lake, and circles ancient palaces from a very high place. Those places and architectures look different from another side of view. These can be experienced only through a hot air balloon ride in Jaisalmer. The golden sand dunes Jaisalmer looked so wide and pleasant. This ride gave a sneak peek of Jaisalmer from the height. 

The starting point for the Balloon Safari changes each day and is dependent on the wind direction & wind speed on the day of the flight. Highly experienced pilots will choose the flying area on the morning of the flight according to the weather conditions.

This sport gave me an incredibly beautiful experience of being on top of the world. We felt the immense joy of floating in the sky and looking at the world below. The excitement of floating at a height of several hundred feet above the ground and sighting the world beneath from the blue sky is truly wonderful. 

We were ready with our cameras to capture the beholding sights of the landscape with the backdrop of the bright sky. We captured the view and us along with the sunrise. The absolute peace of immense views, vibrant colors, and fresh air in a hot air balloon made our dream come true. Early morning was the ideal time to see from a unique perspective of spectacular forts, palaces, houses, lakes, etc. We were so satisfied with the ride. The rider was so friendly and gave us the strength during the hot air balloon ride.

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