Important Tips For Jaisalmer Camel Safari

While being in Rajasthan, something that you should never afford to miss is a Camel Safari Jaisalmer to reveal the secrets of the desert. It is an essential part of every Rajasthan trip and should always be kept on the top of your bucket list. Riding out to the sand dunes on a camel while gazing out the vibrant colours of the sunset and sleeping out under the twinkling stars, all it makes an unforgettable trip.

What is Camel Safari Jaisalmer?
Typically, a camel safari includes a bumpy ride on the Thar Desert. Normally a camel ride lasts for two hours and then watch the sunset on the sandy dunes. After this, you could just lay under the shed of stars or camping in a tent. Camping is more likely to be under the luxury camping or glamping!

If you are someone who is planning for their next vacation as a desert safari in Jaisalmer, then here are some important tips that you should know before you head off –

Pick the Right Season: Jaisalmer during the summer season becomes hot and humid when the temperature goes high up to 40 degrees. Not just in Jaisalmer, but the entire state of Rajasthan experiences such a harsh climate. From the month of June to September, there is the season of Monsoon which brings rain and slightly greenery in the desert.

Winter season is the best time to visit Jaisalmer which starts from November to March. During this time people can enjoy the best of camel safari experience in the city.

Book Jaisalmer Camel Safari: Check out for the best camel safari service providers in Jaisalmer and know about their services. Choose the trusted and reliable safari operator in the city and book your safari with them. Select the best suitable Jaisalmer Tour Package as per your choices and interests, to book for your vacation.

Research well for the price: Before booking the package, know about the suitable prices because you will find different prices for each service provider. So, research well for the price to book it in the best affordable rates.

Keep a check on inclusions: There are a lot of Jaisalmer Camel Safari service providers in India which offers many different services and inclusions in packages. Many offer buffet dinner included in the camping package along with some amazing things for a kick-ass camel safari. Some of the most important things that your safari provider must include in the package are –

  • Area of sand dunes you are going
  • How long does a ride last?
  • Is the meal included?
  • Camping arrangements
  • Facilities of water
  • Price of a package

Pick a private route: Jaisalmer Desert also has some miles of untouched dunes where you can head for a private experience in the city. There are some specific areas of dunes that tour operators mostly visit like Sam Sand Dunes which remains crowded during the winter season. While, getting around on an offbeat track will make your safari more amazing and exciting, as it takes you to some isolated lands of the desert.

Be prepared and go ahead: The Thar Desert witnesses hot and harsh sunlight during the day even in the winter season, and then becomes cold at night. So you should make sure that you bring the right gear to protect yourself from the scorching heat of the sun. Carry sunscreen, enough water to remain hydrated, warm clothes for the night, and camera to capture the moments.

This is all that you all need to know before you head off for a Jaisalmer Trip. So, plan your next holidays in the best way and get absorbed in the irresistible charm of the golden sand dunes.

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