Jaisalmer: A Voyage in Thar Desert of Rajasthan

The most beautiful Golden ornate on the diverse land of India, Jaisalmer is widely known as the Golden City of Rajasthan because of its yellowish sandstone structures and the great Thar Desert. Jaisalmer is a perfect escape during the winter season as the town enjoys the most pleasing climatic conditions that make traveling easier and joyful. Just because of its desert life experiences, I decided to plan a trip with my friends who were very excited to go on a trip to Jaisalmer. We were advised to have a short Jaisalmer Trip, but as we reached the town we loved its inner beauty and decided to spend a week in Jaisalmer. Here are the best things which I loved the most about Jaisalmer –

Get in the Sonar Fort –
one of the main attractions of Jaisalmer, Sonar Fort is also known as the Golden Fort and Jaisalmer Fort. I was really amazed by the fine architecture of this castle that resides 2/3rd of the old cities population. Jaisalmer Fort was initiated by Maharaja Jaisal Singh after whom the fort was named.

Stay in the heritage hotels of Jaisalmer –
various accommodation facilities is available in Jaisalmer which ensures your comfortable stay in the town. One can also choose to stay in Jaisalmer Fort where one can experience the luxurious amenities of the fortress. We had previously booked our luxurious stay in Deluxe Rooms which is far more comfortable and well-furnished.

Shopping in the vivacious lanes of Jaisalmer –
shopping is my favorite part of traveling and so was in Jaisalmer. Some certain sections of Jaisalmer Fort are a kind of bazaars where you can shop all sort of treasures including handicrafts, jewelry, etc. Further, we came across an artist who paints birds and flower motifs on old weathered postcards with handwriting.

The allure of Jain Temples –
while wandering through the Jaisalmer city, one cannot miss a chance to admire the structures that are dated back to the 12th and 15th century. Jain Temples are one of the most prominent attractions of Jaisalmer. I was so fascinated with the architectural beauty that contains the intricate stone carvings that will surely leave you amazed.

Admire the architectures of Havelis –
old mansions are rarely found across India and Jaisalmer is blessed with the wonderful Havelis. Salim Singh ki Haveli, Nathmalji ki Haveli, Patwon ki Haveli are the most popular attractions in Jaisalmer. The grandeur of Havelis you can’t afford to miss in Jaisalmer Tour Package.

Going on a camel safari in the Thar Desert –
one of the most wonderful parts of Jaisalmer tour is camel safari Jaisalmer which attracts the major attraction of tourists in Jaisalmer. We were super-duper excited for our camel safari tour where we enjoyed a lot of things like a sunset tour, enjoying a bumpy camel-ride, having a freshly cooked dinner, and sleeping under the canopy of stars.

Enjoy a boat ride in Gadisar Lake –
the manmade reservoir built by 14 centuries ago with an aim of dealing the problems of water scarcity in Jaisalmer. The lake is surrounded by ruins, cenotaphs, temples, etc. Today it draws the utmost attraction of visitors as one can enjoy a paddle boat ride in the lake. It is a perfect place for capturing the magnificent sunset view of the lake.

These were the glimpses of my Jaisalmer Tour with friends that spark our travel experience and satisfy our wanderlust. Revive the glorious history of Jaisalmer Fort and experience the cultures and traditions of the town. The best part of this entire journey is Camel Safari Jaisalmer which is an unforgettable experience in the town. So, plan your Jaisalmer Tour with your group and enjoy the best time in the town.

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