Jaisalmer Camel Safari: An Essential Checklist for a Thrill in the Desert

An elongated stretch of golden sand dunes in Jaisalmer is a prominent attraction of adventure lovers and travel enthusiasts to enjoy the thrill of camel safari Jaisalmer. Bordered with the Golden City of Rajasthan, the desert stretch boosts Jaisalmer tourism every year and makes the city gets flocked by travelers in abundance. Not just the Jaisalmer Fort is a reason for people visiting the city, but also the bumpy camel rides on a desert stretch calls for. The genuine fact of boosting tourism in Jaisalmer year by year is its exciting desert activities with a bit of history that is revealed in its ancient structures. Before heading off for Jaisalmer camel safari adventures, here’s a complete checklist for ecstasy in the desert. So, let’s take a glimpse on it –

Bookings for Camel Safari Jaisalmer

Loaded with enough desert safari tour service providers in Jaisalmer, you can easily hook up with the best and reliable one in your viewpoint. To find out the reliability, you can better check out its reviews considering the experiences of past travelers who have booked and enjoyed their safari to the fullest. After doing a lot of research on it, some of you have might come up with Real Desert Man Safari Jaisalmer as the best and trusted one in the city. Whenever the list for a trusted desert safari service provider in Jaisalmer is listed, they are always on a count of it. As they crack the offbeat desert tracks in golden sand dunes through camel safari of jeep safari, you can easily get ensured with your exciting experience in the city. Simply you can simply browse the amazing desert safari packages in Jaisalmer offered by Real desert man Safari and can book your package accordingly and all you are done with your camel safari Jaisalmer bookings. It’s simple yet fun right!

Tricks for exciting Camel safari in golden sand dunes:

  • Decide on the way you want to ride a camel. It simply means that if you are willing to go on a crowded desert trails then Sam Sand Dunes and Khuri Sand Dunes are highly recommended for you. But in case you want to crack the least-explored track then there’s no better way to go on a desert safari trip with Real Desert Man Safari Jaisalmer.
  • Do consider the inclusion and exclusions on the desert safari package. It is very important to make a check on some major aspects like the duration of your desert safari, other things to enjoy, dinner, and camping facilities or more.
  • Choose summers or monsoon season only if you are low on budget and willing to get an escape to Jaisalmer Trip. Otherwise, it is best to go on a holiday trip to Jaisalmer in winters which brings a pleasant climate that enables your thrilling desert safari experiences.
  • Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, or hat on a camel trail to safeguard yourself from the harsh rays of the sun during the day. Also, carry some warm clothes during your desert excursion as it becomes cold during the night and you will surely need it in your camps in Jaisalmer.
  • Make a complete check on the quality and facilities available on your camping site. Is the food cooked at the campsite is healthy or not? Do they care about your hygiene? Are the camps well-maintained and facilitated? If all these are already checked, then it is a place for you. When booking Jaisalmer Camp with Real Desert Man Safari Jaisalmer, you are assured off of all these factors.
  • Do not miss the track! While on a desert safari tour in Jaisalmer, make sure you travel with your squad/group. Else you may get missed from the track.
  • Take pictures and enjoy your escape. Also, spend some quality time while enjoying the beautiful sunset views over the golden sand dunes.

So, now that you have gone through with an essential checklist for Jaisalmer desert safari, plan your journey to Jaisalmer and enjoy your holidays. All the above-listed hacks will surely make your camel safari go with ease and comfort. So, pack fast and discover Thar!

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