Jaisalmer is located in the vast stretch of the Thar Desert. It is one of the charming towns of the city of Rajasthan never fails to grab the attention of the tourist through its vibrant culture and age-old traditions. The city of Jaisalmer has everything that the tourist was seeking from the breathtaking views to the yellow stone architecture and historical rich site. My family and I had a plan of visiting the Jaisalmer to experience this amazing nightlife. So we booked the best desert camp in Jaisalmer. The Jaisalmer desert camp rates vary depend on Jaisalmer desert camp packages. 

When I planned my trip to Jaisalmer, I expected to have all the adventurous and peaceful experiences with all the fun activities in one place. I just went to the camp with those expectations hoping to fulfill during the trip to Jaisalmer. We were traveling to Jaisalmer by train. After reaching the railway station the camp guide arranged a cab with an air-conditioned facility on my demand and they took us to the camp in Jaisalmer. The camp welcomed us with the traditional Rajasthan style of aarti and tikka. The women who welcomed us wore traditional Rajasthan dresses. Following by the traditional welcome they served us delicious tea and snacks as a part of refreshment. Then the guide took us to the sightseeing places in the city through a jeep safari in Jaisalmer. After the sunset down we reached back to the camp for nightlife in the desert. We started our night journey in Jaisalmer under the sky full of stars.

The trip begins with a camel ride over the sand dunes Jaisalmer at twilight. After the sun goes down the desert turns into a cool breeze and is quite pleasant. We ride camel safari Jaisalmer by sitting at the back of the camel and enjoyed the bumpy ride in the vast Thar desert. It was ultimate fun and we were mesmerized with the view of the places and it was simply awesome during night time riding. This was a thrilling and memorable experience for us during the trip. I loved to capture the breath-taking and picturesque views while going to a desert safari Jaisalmer in the majestic sand dunes Jaisalmer of the Thar desert. It was a wonderful memory that I shared with my family during this beautiful season. After the beautiful camel ride, we came back to the camp in that camel itself.

During the night time, the camp organized various events like traditional folk music and dance performance, acrobatics, etc. for entertaining purposes. These performances were done by local professional artists. The performers of the folk dance wore vibrant colorful dresses and traditional silver jewelry. It is the most prominent dance form of Rajasthan. Enjoyed the beautiful Kalbeliya dance performance and cultural evening in the desert. Desert camping in Jaisalmer is something which one should experience in a lifetime. The campfire is the focal point for the evening entertainment program with drinks in the Thar desert. 

We just relaxed in our seats and stressed out our minds with those mind-blowing performances in the sand dunes Jaisalmer. Nothing is better than experiencing a campsite stay in the middle of the desert and witness the culture and traditions of Rajasthan. We got indulged in Rajasthani tradition with their cultural performances.  It had been my long-awaited dream to sit in the desert of Rajasthan and enjoy the traditional folk music and dance. After watching their performance, we clearly understood the mystical quality of the Rajasthani culture and traditions. They created a magic with heavy ethnic attires. We just spent some time relaxing in watching the sky next to a campfire in Jaisalmer. 

The camp fire is arranged in a round-shaped with an open-air restaurant which offers fabulous views of the sand dunes Jaisalmer. And for dinner, we planned to go for self-cooking to have different experiences and learning in the Sam sand dunes Jaisalmer. It was a challenging one for us but it was a new kind of an experience. So we demanded the ingredients for the cooking whereas the camp arranged everything for us. We got vessels from The nearby town and also ingredients from a nearby area. After the preparation of dinner, we sit together and enjoyed those delicious dinners prepared by us.

After the dinner, we stayed overnight in the desert dunes under the wide stretched canopy of stars which left us to spell bound. One of the most enchanting experiences I had in Jaisalmer is spending some time under the sky. Sleeping under the starry sky upon the sand dunes of Jaisalmer will be one of the dazzling experiences I always carry with me in my memory. Nothing is better than Experiencing a campsite stay in the middle of the desert and witness the culture and traditions of Rajasthan. Desert nights at Sam is one of the best things that I enjoyed most in Jaisalmer at night.

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