My trip to Jaisalmer was one of the most appealing and memorable moments in my life. I planned to stay in Jaisalmer for three days. I prebooked a camp in Jaisalmer. The Jaisalmer packages may vary according to various plans. I booked premium luxury camp in Jaisalmer. After reached the camp I got various accommodation facilities.
After exploring various activities in Jaisalmer desert safari I planned to visit some of the temples in Jaisalmer to keep my vacation worthwhile and meaningful apart from exploring sands and majestic forts. The temples are strongly associated with religious sentiments and they are of tremendous archaeological significance. Some of the temples looked simple on the outside but when I stepped inside the temple I was astonished by the beauty of work craft and architecture inside the temple.

The detailed craftwork in every stone is very effective and meaningful. Jaisalmer is well-known for its ancient temples. Most of the temples of Jaisalmer are Jain temples. On the pillars of these temples, one can find images of humans, animals etc.

Inside the massive Jaisalmer fort, there are seven Jain temples. All the Jain temples were constructed out of yellow stone. I was impressed by the magnificent architecture and intricate carvings inside and outside of the temple. The temples are connected with each other through gates and corridors. The main archway is a common feature in a lot of Jain Temples. The main archway is shaped with jewel-like carvings.

After I entered the temple all I see is minute-crafted work on each pillar from the entrance. I looked up to see the stunning and circular domed ceiling carved with dancing figures in the temple ceilings. Lotuses have been carved on the ceilings and looked beautiful to watch those creativities. From that moment onwards I started to look up every time I went to temples to check the magnificence craftwork. The roofs were elaborately painted and the mirrors looked like jewels that reflect and shine.
The city of Lodurva is established in order to honour the 23rd Tirthankara. It is the periphery of Jaisalmer and is considered to be a pilgrim hub for the Jains. The city lies just a few km away from Jaisalmer city.  Lodurva temple is located on the banks of river kak. River kak was once flowing pretty well but it dried up now. There were various Jain temples in the lodurva city especially when it was the capital of Bhatti Rajput. Now, it's destroyed and it's under the sand.

When I entered the temple I was mesmerized by the architecture of the temple, it is a typical eight-corner temple. The carvings on the stone, majestic tree of life, light, and shadows in the temple are very much impressive and they play a major part in attraction. The rich history of the place makes to visit everyone travelling here.  The lodurva temple is not only in pristine condition but it is also a very peaceful place to be in. inside the temple there are beautiful small temples within premises, the lord Ganesha statue which looks elegant, carved pillars, beautiful and lively Mahaveer idol. The place was clean and neat.

The laxminath temple is located inside the mighty Jaisalmer fort. The laxminath temple is dedicated to goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu. It is one of the oldest temples in Jaisalmer. It is believed that the idols in the temple were installed by a learned Brahmin of the region.

The walls and ceilings of the laxminath temple have beautiful paintings of other gods. The temple architecture looks simple but it has been smartly ornamented silver framework and it adds more charm to the temple. The ceilings and walls of this famous temple are adorned with mesmerizing paintings of other gods and goddesses of Hindu mythology.

Tanot Mata mandir is very popular and every year there are many pilgrims that visit this temple. I had a few chats with locals and observed that they are always had great respect for this temple. It is also believed that the 1965 war incident between India and Pakistan happened at a close distance from this temple. I was astonished by the mystical fact of this temple, that around 3000 miles were released from Pakistan which led to the destruction of everything around this temple, but the temple was unaffected.

The road trip to this temple will be something you will enjoy. while traveling I was fascinated with the surrounding view near the temple.  I took Jaisalmer's jeep safari on-demand to reach the tanot. the maintenance and management of the temple are not done by any community or organization the Indian border security force itself handles these things. This tanot Mata mandir can be seen on the Bollywood movie “border”.

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