My trip to Jaisalmer was one the most enchanting and memorable moments to  capture in my life. The city of Jaisalmer is fully packed with Indian culture and heritage.  During my trip to Jaisalmer I have seen and learned a lot about the place and their culture  and traditions, their ancient monuments and so on. Jaisalmer is one of the best tourist’s attraction in Rajasthan. Jaisalmer holds the major place of tourism in Rajasthan.

I happen to see yellowish golden tinge in and around the city, it’s because of the  glow given by each and every architecture in Jaisalmer. During ancient times, the  architecture was built by using only yellow sand and yellow sandstone.

The city of Jaisalmer is famous for desert safari, various heritages, Jaisalmer campssand dunes, jeep safari, cultures and traditions and so on. Sand dunes are not far from the  city and it is a major tourist hotspot for camel safaris and jeep safaris in Jaisalmer.  Jaisalmer is a little far away from the desert and that is why it is still less urbanized and  commercialized than the other cities of Rajasthan.

There are many things that I spotted during my trip to the city of Jaisalmer. There  are various things to explore in Jaisalmer, some of them are:

One of the main attraction of this Jaisalmer city is Jaisalmer fort. Fort is located at  the hilltop of the centre of the city. It is very famous for stunning architecture and rich  history. The Jaisalmer Fort is made of yellow sandstone, and when sunlight hits the fort, it  really does blaze like gold. There are 7 Jain temples built inside the fort with the same  yellow sandstone from which the fort is made. There are numerous wells inside the fort that  are a regular source of water for residents.

I managed to visit Jaisalmer fort and stayed there for days. Inside the fort, there are several  architectural buildings like palaces, houses and temples. I have visited local market and  found about the way of people living there. In fort certain sections are full of bazaar, where  you can buy all kind of little treasure in Rajasthan style. I found lot of shopping items like  different lord statues with different sizes and ornaments and many more handmade  products which look Rajasthan styles. This place will never fail to surprise me with its  majestic beauty.

Jain temple is situated inside the famous Jaisalmer fort in Rajasthan. There are 7 Jain  temples inside the Jaisalmer fort. Along with being strongly associated with religious  sentiments, these temples are of tremendous archaeological significance. The temples have  been built in white and yellow stones with intricate carvings and artwork. and now it is one of the most popular attraction inside the fort in Jaisalmer.

There will always be a large group of tourists gathered outside the temple, on seeing  that you may walk past them, but trust me it is worth to wait for visiting the temple. The  temple looked simple from the outside but once I stepped inside the temple I was  astonished by the beauty of the work craft and architecture inside the temple. The detailed  craftwork in every stone is very effective and meaningful.

Sam sand dunes are situated at a distance of approximately 42kms away from the  city of Jaisalmer. It is located in the midst of the thar desert and it is one of the most famous  place in Rajasthan. Camel safari in Rajasthan is one of the top things to experience. Camel  safari trip is well organised and camel owners are well aware of the temperature of the  dunes. I enjoyed the magic of dunes totally with the help of these guides. It was wonderful  experience to sit on the back of the camel and enjoyed the views of the sand for miles  together. The scene looked amazed during sunset when rays of sun make the sand to shine.

I spent three days and two nights sleeping in the sand dunes under the stars on my  camel safari. Besides camel safari, there are also many other activities like jeep safari and  desert camping at Sam sand dunes of Jaisalmer. Apart from these fun adventures they also  conduct cultural events like musical and dance performances. I enjoyed watching those  events and its purely bringing out the vibe of Rajasthan culture and traditions.

In Jaisalmer, the cab service is also available. They have private cab, tempo travellers  and even private bus arrangements facilities are also there, I personally demanded tempo  travellers with air conditioned facility and they provided me on my demand. They pick and  drop from railway station to Jaisalmer city sightseeing places. They provided smooth  services with proper guide. He was with us till the whole day in Jaisalmer which makes most  comfortable throughout the journey.

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