Jaisalmer: The Golden Ornate in Rajasthan

Journey to the golden delight on the desert, we had decided to spend a whole month traveling across India and while enlisting the 7 destinations in our journey what first strike in our mind is Jaisalmer. Located in the Thar Desert Just 30 kilometers away from the border with Pakistan means that getting to Jaisalmer was quite the voyage of around 18 hours by train from Delhi, but it was worth of exploring the famed Golden City. Overall we had a total of 3 days to spend in Jaisalmer and I would have gladly stayed for a week if we could skip a journey of Rajasthan. Here you can get a glimpse of why I enjoyed a visit to Jaisalmer the most.

Get immerse inside Jaisalmer Fort:
The most prominent attraction in the city is Jaisalmer Fort, but when I tell you that this place is going to allure you time and time again. I personally visit Jaisalmer Fort three days continuously and every time I found something new on each visit. Narrow twisted lanes break away from the main road, leading you up and down crooked staircases, along the fort’s outer walls where you can see across the city and off into the desert.

Shop for Rajasthani artifacts:
One cannot resist themselves from shopping the dazzling Rajasthani artifacts. There is some certain part of Jaisalmer Fort are like bazaars where you can find all sort of little treasures of Rajasthan. We have bought wall hangings, white canvas with quotidian scenes embroidered in rainbow colors. We also pick colorful pillow covers with elephant-like designs in gold, pink, and blue. Aside from that, I had come across an artist who paint birds and flower motifs an old weathered postcards with Hindi writing. I was much tempted by peacock doorknobs, carved statuettes, and antique masks.

Visit the Jain Temples:
While wandering through the Jaisalmer Fort, we came across a beautiful 12th and 15th centuries Jain Temples which are also made of yellowish sandstone architecture. The temples are relatively simple from the exterior one you set foot inside there is nothing but fascinating intricate stone carvings that carry your eyes from the floor to ceiling.

Admire all the heritage havelis:
The old heritage mansions found across India and Jaisalmer has a few worths. The most renowned havelis of Jaisalmer are Patwon ki Haveli, Salim Singh ki Haveli, and Nathmal ji ki Haveli. Patwon ki Haveli is the most famed haveli in Jaisalmer which is a combination of 5 structures. Nathmalji Ki Haveli was constructed as the residence of the then Prime Minister of Jaisalmer and then later rebuilt as a mansion. Salim Singh ki Haveli was 3000 years old structure which was built like a peacock.

Go on a Desert Safari Trial:
Every Jaisalmer Tour is incomplete without enjoying Desert Safari. The sunset tour that involves during the desert safari is the most fascinating moment. Driving out to the desert, doing a camel safari, having a fire-cooked dinner, and doing a bit of stargazing at night are the most amazing things to do in the Thar Desert.

Enjoy a boat ride on Gadisar Lake:
Gadisar Lake is a manmade lake that was constructed in the 14th century in order to deal with the scarcity of water in the city. Today the lake is the most popular attraction for its visitors where they can enjoy their leisure time. It is quite a scenic view especially the sunset one.

Stay in a mansion-inspired hotel:
To take a feel like a king, you must book your stay into a haveli. Choose the one that is in your budget we have stayed in a Deluxe Room and featured with all the modern amenities. What I mostly love about my accommodation was a day bed and their rooftop that allowed us to catch the rising sun over the dunes and it was a pure magic in the atmosphere.

Every single thing of Jaisalmer allures me the most and I captured everything in my camera. I strongly recommend visiting Jaisalmer once in a lifetime. It is completely a jewel of the Thar Desert, so you must go to explore!

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