Jaisalmer is one of the precious treasures possessed by the Indian state of Rajasthan. The city of Jaisalmer is famous for its Jaisalmer desert safari and various places like forts, Havelis, etc.  Apart from the desert life and various Heritage, there is also village life in the golden city of Jaisalmer. I planned to visit the village to know about their lifestyle and how they survive in the desert area with Limited facilities.

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To experience the village life I traveled to the Jaisalmer through the train. After reaching the railway station the guide came and picked me from the railway station and dropped me at the desert camps in Jaisalmer. The guide was very friendly and helped me throughout the entire journey in the city of Jaisalmer.

From the camp, my guide and I took a jeep Safari in Jaisalmer to reach the point where the camel safari Jaisalmer ride began. From there we sat at the back of the camel and began our ride to the village. The camel ride was so thrilling and adventurous. The moment of the camel and the site seeing around the areas looks very new to me.

On our way to the village, I was mesmerized with the unique landscape of the desert and also there were some small villages. when we traveled through the interiors of the village I realize that there is another India that exists in the village where they living with the basic necessities of life. And villages in that desert have their own life and they are not bothered about what is happening in and outside of the surrounding areas. The scent of the mud and the beauty and peace which is present in the village cannot be witnessed anywhere else in India.

The people in the village of Jaisalmer have their own unique style and they follow up the very simplest form of lifestyle in that village. It is totally different from major city life and I was able to compare the different lifestyles of them easily. The modern life and facility are not reached to the village area. They still follow the basic normal ancient life from the beginning.

And I happen to see an ancient building and ancient style of living in that village. They still live in huts that look circular in shape and the roof are attached to the huts and they covered the wall with the help of clay and cow dung. Over time, they have learned to live in a self-sustained way, growing their food locally and with near-zero dependency on towns or governments.

The men and women in the village wore the traditional Rajasthan dresses. The women dressed in colourful attires with a lot of mirror works. The Rajasthan men wore traditional white colour clothing and also colored turban. These are the basic traditional attires of the Rajasthan and the people in the village still follow that culture even in modern India.

I had a chance to interact with some of the village people in that place where they shared various experiences and stories with me. where I got to know that they learn to survive even in the most difficult situations of life and they still follow a very simple living pattern that wasn't changed over here for years.

The village people usually grow their own vegetables in the village and also they have cow, hen and hence in most of the household they get fresh milk and eggs directly. The village has a common well that connects the water to the village and the women have to walk for miles to bring the water because of the scarcity

The culture and traditions are still followed by the people in the rural area. The village is still untouched in the hands of modern life and they still depend on the camel the ship of the desert for transport. Although electricity facility is available in the village but the supply is always interrupted so they still use kerosene lamps in the nights of the village.

To some places, I went on a camel safari in Jaisalmer and to some rustic side of the area, I took Jeep Safari in Jaisalmer. It is very good to see that the people in the village still follow the ancient way of culture and traditions.

One of the best thing I find during my trip to the village is the people in the village are very much environmental friendly. They are so helpful and guiding us and they also shared various stories with me, but there are some changes can be seen that the village, that the youth are finding employment in the cities and bringing better facilities to their homes.

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