Kuldhara Village – An excursion from Jaisalmer

Kuldhara is a small village located around 20 kilometers away from Jaisalmer and often chosen as a day excursion from the city when travelers can explore the village in one day. It is one of the most interesting attractions that you must include in your Jaisalmer sightseeing tour. This village is widely famous for its traditional myths and legends that makes it one of the most notable haunted attractions in India. The abandoned and serene appearance of this village let it stand solitary amidst the elongated stretch of the desert area. Kuldhara Village has been associated with various interesting ghostly tales and spooky activities in and around the village that are more likely to be the most amazing thing about this village that attracts tourists the most. 

History of Kuldhara Village – 
Previously Kuldhara was inhabited by Brahmins who had migrated from the Pali region to Jaisalmer and settle their empire in the village. It is a deserted village in Jaisalmer that become isolated in the 19th century due to the decrease in water supply or as the locals claim it is because of the enormous amount of taxes levied by the king on the locals. 

Legends of Kuldhara Abandoned Village – 
The most popular myth of Kuldhara is dated back to around 1800’s when the village was a state under Minister Salim Singh who was traitorous in his ways of collecting tax. He charges heavy taxes levied from the villagers. Above all this, Salim Singh fall in love with the daughter of a village chief and threatened the villagers that if they try to oppose in his way or don’t let him marry the maiden then he would levy even higher taxes on them. To save the life, the villagers and chief escaped overnight, leaving the village deserted and migrated. A folklore says that the villagers while leaving Kuldhara, cursed the village that no one will ever survive here in the future. 

Sightseeing at Kuldhara Village – 
Kuldhara village is now an historical site maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India, so the tourists can visit the village and take a look on how this village used to be during its ancient times. Kuldhara region stretches to a vast area that includes 85 small hamlets. All the huts and cottages of the villages are now become ruins. You will also find an old temple of goddess, presumably Mother Nature that stands empty and vacant now. Inscriptions inside the temple have helped the archaeologists to gather information about the village and its ancient lifestyle. Kuldhara village is a treasure trove for all those who are looking for experience something completely unique while traveling. 

How to reach Kuldhara Village?
Kuldhara Village is approximately 18-20 kilometers away from Jaisalmer. Thus when traveling in Jaisalmer, you can hire a cab from a renowned travel agent which will let you explore this village while on Jaisalmer Sightseeing tour. 

Best time to visit – 
Being the hottest city of Rajasthan in summers, Jaisalmer and its nearby area is mainly visited during the winter season from October to March. During these months, the temperature remains moderate and worth exploring. So, the perfect time to visit Kuldhara Village is in winters when the climate remains pleasant. 

Kuldhara village still retains some strange and unnatural activities that has gathered eyeballs of many ghost hunters and intrepid paranormal societies. People from different parts of the world visit Kuldhara to experience the dark and spooky side of Rajasthan and many of them include a visit to Kuldhara in their Jaisalmer Tour Package. So, if you are looking for adding something really exciting in your Jaisalmer trip then include Kuldhara Village in your travel plan and reveal the interesting tales of this abandoned village.

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