The new year is always considered to be a special time of the year. It is the start of the year with new hope and energy. I always would like to spend the new year with near and dear ones. Every year my new year would be the same as celebrating with a family. So this time to make this new year more special I planned to celebrate with friends in a different place. So we friends were planned to spend on a desert and so after long research, we decided to go Jaisalmer. The Jaisalmer is famous for its name golden city. It is because of the yellow sand and yellow sandstone were used to build in each and every architecture.

We pre booked the camp with a Jaisalmer tour package. There are various Jaisalmer packages available from the basic to luxury package it depends on the tourists to choose anything according to their wants. Then we started our journey to Jaisalmer by train and reached the Jaisalmer railway station after the long travel. There the camp organized a guide to bring us to the camp and also we demanded a private bus with some more comfortable facilities. They came up with our needs and dropped us at the camp safely. We were very much satisfied with their caring behavior.

They strictly followed government rules and regulations for covid in the camp. Where they checked us at the entrance using a thermal scanner and also they provided us with hand wash and sanitizer. A social distance is a must and followed there by everyone. They welcomed us in traditional Rajasthan style by putting Thilak on the forehead. The person who welcomed us wore traditional Rajasthan clothes. It shows their rich culture and tradition in Rajasthan.

They offered a welcome drink upon our arrival and it was a non-alcoholic drink for our refreshment. Then we put down a language and rest for a while and had a tasty breakfast offered by the camp and then went to Sam sand dunes to give a try on various activities. There are various desert safari in Jaisalmer. Among that, we went for various adventure activities. Then finally we went for a camel group ride. Jaisalmer camel safari package is apt for the ride. We all sat upon the camel and enjoyed the bumpy ride together across the Sam sand dunes Jaisalmer by making fun of each other, clicking pictures, and also enjoyed the sunset view. One of the remarkable things about camel group safari is to catch the sight of the golden city behind the dunes during sunset.

After the ride, we came back to the Jaisalmer desert camp and had some snacks and tea offered by them. There was various event conducted during the evening with their style and favor. The seating arrangements were done well by the organizers. We stayed in our preferred accommodation. There are various artists and performers who came up and showed their talents and brought up the mood of fun for the evening. Dj party setup was the highlight. It brightened up the mood for everyone we all danced and enjoyed with the Dj music. Various competitions were also conducted by them and gave gifts to the winners. The folk songs were performed by the folk singers. The dance performance was done by Rajasthan ladies who were all very well trained and professional. They danced with the pots and we were all amazed by their talent of balancing pots during the dance. They wore traditional Rajasthan attire with mirror work and men wore a white dress with colorful turbans. Traditional instruments were also used for the music performance.  They also served a Rajasthan buffet dinner. The food was very tasty and rich in culture. Proper arrangements for buffet dinner were made by the tour operator at the campsite in the desert. Being rich in culture, Rajasthan is the land where the chance of celebrating culture is never missed in any event. It exhibits their richness in culture and traditions.

The events were conducted on open sand in the Thar desert under the billion shining stars. When the time nearing at 12 am we were all ready to welcome our new year with full enthusiasm and excitement. At night exactly at 12 am we all welcomed the new year together by sharing wishes. The cake was organized by them for the new year celebration. After the celebration, we went to sleep on open dunes under the sky.
The next day we welcomed the new year's blissful sunrise of the year. The sunrise falls everywhere hoping that a new start of the year. In the morning we had a special breakfast and went to sightseeing places through Jaisalmer jeep safari. We went to temples in the city and then finally they dropped us back to the railway station. It is one of the memorable experience I ever had in my life.

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