Popular Places to Visit near Jaisalmer on Day Excursion

Charisma and the chivalry of Jaisalmer need no introduction. As and when we think of a number of attributes to explains the gems of this marvelous sandy jewel in Rajasthan - battle - imposing forts, chivalric grace, jaw-dropping sand dunes, riot invoking colors and romantic gest. Many more or just near-perfectly suits to describe one or more fascinating places to visit near Jaisalmer that encapsulates the idea of incredible heritage charm of Indian valor and passion. Take a look at some of those marvelous attractions near Jaisalmer which are supposed to be the one counted in a bucket list of Jaisalmer Sightseeing

Plan a fun-filled night stay at Khuri - A small village located near Jaisalmer city, Khuri has been housing some scenic sunset viewpoints and offers a glimpse of the desert ecosystem due to its location. This is another place for enjoying desert life experiences at very affordable rates. Be it for a bumpy camel ride or adventurous night at the best desert camp Jaisalmer, this is an ideal match for everything.  

Enjoy a traditional dance performance at Lodhruva - An ancient city of Lodhruva during its days was the capital city of Bhati Rajput rulers before they have shifted their kingdom to Jaisalmer. It is the frame for romantic folklore and is widely famous for its Jain temple. Tourists during their Jaisalmer Tour flock in to the place to witness the architectural ruins and sand dunes surrounding to the city. 

Step out for a religious excursion at Barmer - Enclosed with some of the stunning ancient structures and old temples. There are many things to see like Barmer Fort, Chintamani Parasnath Jain Temple, Kiradu Temples, and Rani Bhatiani Temple that are famous for their architectural style.  

For that alarming mystery of Kuldhara - An abandoned village that is now not more than a ruin and popular ghost town of Rajasthan, Kuldhara Village was cursed by the natives for some reason. After getting cursed, there are no traces found in the village. Many legendary tales are associated with this place that says a lot about its past. 

Get encountered with wildlife at Desert National Park - Amongst the country’s largest animal habitats, Desert National Park is the home to rich flora and fauna species typically the desert ones. Sprawling over the extent of huge areas, the park offers outstanding insight into typical desert vegetation, animals, and birds. During a wildlife safari trip in Desert National Park, one can spot a number of desert animals, birds, and reptiles in the early morning or at the time of sunset. 

Witness the detailed artwork at Khaba Fort - One among the top tourist attractions in Jaisalmer that must not be missed out when on a Jaisalmer tour, Khaba Fort was dated back to the 13th century and is settled in the middle of a barren desert village. The remnants of architectural pieces, pots, and various artifacts. The fortress is one of the least explored places to visit near Jaisalmer which is an ideal retreat for a family visit with kids as they will learn loads about the Rajasthani heritage and history.   

To get an offbeat experience at Pokhran Fort - Otherwise named Balagarh, Fort Pokhran is the 14th-century bastion that sits in the middle of the Thar Desert. Served as an important landmark of Jaisalmer, Pokhran Fort has earned fame in Jaisalmer Tourism and thus considered as the best place to visit.  

Owing to such a flourishing land, Jaisalmer is truly the most wonderful tourist destination that must not be missed out when in the Rajasthan holiday trip. So, plan your next holidays to Jaisalmer and soak up in the cultural yet desert life experience on your Jaisalmer Tour Package.

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