Sam Sand Dunes are situated at a distance of approximately 42 km from the city of Jaisalmer. It is located at the midst of the thar desert. Sam sand dunes is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Jaisalmer. It has a pure sand with no plants along with the desert camps, camel safari, jeep safari and a view of sun set point. The sands in dunes constantly gives a new shape to this stunning desert landscape in Jaisalmer.

My experience with Sam sand dunes are meaningful and most cherished in my life. I reached there by evening and my guide took me to the sunset point through camel ride. It was a feel of amaze in the midst of the thar desert. I witnessed a magical sunset and the rays spread all over the sand which look pleasant and the atmosphere was tend to cool. To walk on these dunes and playing by rolling down on the desert gave me immense pleasure.
I would like to share about my experiences during this trip on this enchanting land. There are many activities in Sam sand dunes. I will share some of the activities here:  
Camel safari in Jaisalmer is one of the best thing I have experienced in my life. I went for half a day camel tour and it was absolutely amazing. It was wonderful to sit at the back of the camel and enjoyed the views of sand for miles together. The camel ride through the desert was very quiet and it gave me immense peaceful to my soul. The trip with camel safari was well organised and the camel owners are well aware of the temperature in the sand dunes of Jaisalmer. The guide was very helpful and knowledgeable about the places, and he provides a lot of information and it made my trip very ease. 

The camel safari packages in Jaisalmer have various features. It depends upon the route, food provided, comfort facilities etc. I personally prefer taking camel ride during evening hours as it will be best time to catch the sun setting behind the dunes. The trip with camel safari was very thrilling and it is once in a life time everyone must give a try to experience In the desert.
The desert camping in Jaisalmer is a must try for every travellers during their trip to Rajasthan. My most cherished experienced during my trip is staying in the desert camp. There are several choices of desert camps based on the budgets. The Jaisalmer desert camp package varies from basic to premium. They offered standard menu with limited options and it was totally delicious and the foods represented Rajasthan taste and preferences. The foods were also prepared lively through bonfire. 

After experienced a fun activity in the desert safari, I returned back to the camp and enjoyed various events organised by them. The events were like musical performance by folk singers, dance performance, live entertainment and so on. I Just relaxed at my seat and stressed out my mind with those mesmerizing performances. Sleeping under the dazzling sky upon the sand dunes was one of my most memorable experience during my trip to Jaisalmer.
Another way of exploring adventure side in Jaisalmer is by trying out jeep safari. The Jaisalmer jeep safari is best and comfortable way to explore the beauty of Jaisalmer.  The jeep ride will take you to wildlife, desert camp, dune places and so on. The jeeps are utilised for safari trips also. The jeep safari is also available for a ride from Jaisalmer to Sam sand dunes. It is for those who want to reach on spot soon. 

The jeep safari gives me thrilling experience and it goes up to the top of the dunes and roll down to the sands at a very high speed. There will not be any worry during the ride with jeep because of the trained professionals sitting behind the well. The ride was safe and thrilling. 
All though you can enjoy the sunsets from everywhere in Sam Sand Dunes, but the sun set points in the dunes is the best place to witness the beauty of sun setting down. Be prepared with your camera and you will be able to capture the magic of sunset with glorious shine in the Sam sand dunes.
The landscape is so wide and it allows us to sit on the soft sand and enjoy the view of sunset and also witness the wonder of nature with cool atmosphere. It is a best place for photography. The combination of sand Dunes and camels with sun at background gives a spectacular look. I personally suggest watching sun set point during your trip to keep those blissful moments in your memories forever.

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