The Starry Night in Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer

That goofy ride on the back of a camel with an unending view of sand dune s shining like gold in the day time. This peculiar desert of Thar in Jaisalmer makes it the most charming and adventurous place to be included in Rajasthan Tour. The best way to explore and experience the beauty of this place is to book a camping night at the dunes. These camps are available and categorized as standard, deluxe and luxury camps. Let’s understand in more detail about these camps as to how to book them, with whom to book, the best way to reach and what is going to be different.

What camp or camping site to select:
Well, the selection of place is entirely upon the service provider who takes care of the selection o places. The thing that makes a tour operator as the best camping service provider as to how good is the selection of place. The more offbeat it would be, the more adventurous and personalized the customer will feel. So always enquire about the experiences of people about the camping site and its election. Too much-crowded places just ruin the fun of being at a good place to spend a personalized time.

The best way to book:
Most of the service providers book online and in advance the tour. If you have dates confirmed, you can just fill up the form and requisite charges and consider your booking get done. But in the case of last minute arrival or last minute plan, being at Jaisalmer, there are trusted service providers who offer the best deals and standard services at reasonable prices. 

The camp/tent selection:
If you are looking forward to an authentic experience of spending a night at the Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer, the basic or the standard camping is the best one. There, they offer a sleeping bed (made using ropes) and a sheet and a blanket to cover the body. The night spent this way is the most outstanding way of enjoying dunes. But if you wanted it to be styled in luxury, they have an option for that too. These deluxe/luxury camps have all basic and standard facilities adding comfort and feel of luxury to your stay. 

The best way to reach the camping site:
The arrangements regarding the conveyance to the camping site are taken care of by the service provider. Usually what happens is that they pick up from your hotel or place of stay and transfer you to the camping site via a camel ride or directly with their own transport.  

Whom to contact:
The quality of service of any tour agent can be best assessed by the Tripadvisor were based on the experiences of the previous visitors, one can reach out to the decision as to whom the tour can be booked. You can check the Reviews of Real Desert Man Safari with whom we have spent two days and experienced the life-cherishing moments with a treatment like family.

The best plan to enjoy the Jaisalmer tour requires a maximum of three days where including the detailed sightseeing of the city, an excursion and stay at the dunes can be enjoyed at its best.

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