10 Most Interesting Things To Do in Jaisalmer for an exciting Desert Trip in 2020

Whenever someone says about Jaisalmer what mainly conjures in mind is that it raises like a jewel amid the yellow sandstone structures and surrounded by sand dunes. These further get enhanced its beauty by the golden rays of the sun during the day. All these spread yellowish golden hues all across the city which makes it known as a Golden City of Rajasthan. While looking at the top of town and you will know why it is called so? It is truly a spectacular sight to behold while being in India.

Located close to the Indo-Pak border, Jaisalmer is a home of many interesting legends, myths, history, and mysterious tales along with a splash of cultural heritage. No wonder Jaisalmer offers a myriad of experiences, but there are some things that you must not miss while being in the Jaisalmer Sightseeing tour. And the list of those things goes like -

Stroll around the Jaisalmer Fort -

The notable attraction of the golden city is a fascinating fortress that looks more astonishing as and when the sun fades away. This sandcastle has an ability of the fort that makes it more charming giving it the name of Sonar Qila or the Golden Fort. Jaisalmer Fort is one of the largest forts of the world which is also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the head of Hill Forts of Rajasthan.

Haveli Hopping -

Immense ostentation mansions of the merchants and ministers who dwell in the city for years. The unique architectural designs and splendid interiors that give you an insight of the life back then. There are many famous havelis in Jaisalmer - Patwon ki Haveli, Salim Singh ki Haveli, and Nathmal Ji ki Haveli.

Get a dreadful experience -

Kuldhara Village is one of the most famous haunted destinations of India which lies on the outskirts of Jaisalmer. This small village was previously inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins who have later left it cursed that no one could inhabit it in the future. Besides this village, Khaba Fort is another home to the same Paliwal tribe. There is a museum that houses various artifacts that the villagers left behind which you can still find here.

Spend your evening around the Gadisar Lake -

An artificial lake constructed by Maharawal Gadsi Singh after whom it was named as Gadisar Lake which is dated back to the yesteryear. the pleasant ambiance of this lake is a perfect place for relaxing in the evening. However, during the month of December to February, you are bound to spot quite a few migratory birds making it a perfect place for bird watching.

Discover the marvelous cenotaphs at Bada Bagh -

Walking along the parallel rows of cenotaphs made for the previously ruled maharajas of royal families of Jaisalmer. It offers a magnificent view of the sunset from over the cenotaphs that will insist you to take pictures in your cameras. The stone cenotaphs have a fascinating story of their own which you can reveal during your visit.

Indulge in the culture and tradition of Rajasthan -

While being in Jaisalmer, no trip is completed without experiencing the rich cultural display during the Rajasthani folk dance and music performances which is specially organized for the tourists to get entertain. Even when someone books for their overnight stay at Jaisalmer Camps in the golden sand dunes, this is a part of Cultural evening over the dunes activity wherein a local tribe community performs a traditional dance and music program around the bonfire.

Stay under the starlit -

Last but not the least, staying overnight under the canopy of stars with a bonfire and all the arrangements of camping is the most important thing that you must not miss while being in Jaisalmer. There are many desert safari service providers in Jaisalmer who offer the best camping experience in their Luxury Camps in Jaisalmer where you can enjoy your comfortable stay without any hassle.

These all are the most interesting things to do in Jaisalmer which enables your memorable journey to the golden city of Rajasthan. So, whenever you book your Jaisalmer trip, consider these places in your bucket list to enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

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