Top 5 Sand Dunes in Asia Pacific

Sand dunes are some of nature’s creations that needs to be admired once in a lifetime. These beautiful breathtaking land masses are found all around the globe in distinct climatic conditions. They are not restricted to the deserts, but can form in any sort of landscape on the earth’s surface. Every sand dune is formed due to the interaction between the wind and the soil in the form of sand grains. These sand dunes are explored in different ways like sliding down the dunes, bird watching, skiing, sand boarding, camel safari, dune bashing, camping, photography, or just sledging on the sand slopes. One can get truly an amazing view of sand dunes from the sky while enjoying parasailing, skydiving, or other.

Sand Dunes are a small ridge of hill of sand found in the desert. These are formed through millions of finely divided sand grains that are blown by the wind and get deposited against some obstacle like wood, bush, or rock. There are innumerable sand dunes in Asia Pacific out of which here are enlisted top 5 that are perfect for your mini-desert adventure trip.

Arabian sand dunes – The largest sand dunes in Asia Pacific stretched to about 2,330,000 sq km across several parts of the Arabian Peninsula. In spite of the extreme climate conditions of Arabian sand dunes hosts some desert wildlife species like the oryx, sand cats, lizards, gazelles, etc. Many of these fauna species of desert have become extinct due to many reasons.

Dasht-e-Lut – The sand dunes found in the south-east part of desert and are among the world’s tallest sand dunes attaining a height of about 980 feet. It occupies some part of Balochistan, Kerman, and Sistan provinces. The desert features a plateau, sinkholes, ravines, salt flats, and a series of ridges and furrows with a vast stretch of sand dunes.

Kyzylkum Sand Dunes – One of the world’s biggest deserts in doab region of central Asia, Kyzylkum desert dunes stretches to around 2,98,000 sq kms. The landscape of Kyzylkum dunes extensive plain land with sand dunes, takirs, and oases. The exposed rock formations in the desert have yielded fossils. The desert is widely famous for its rich mineral deposits of copper, gold, oil, uranium, and natural gas.

Polond Sand Dunes – Popularly known as the Mozaffari Desert, the Polond desert is situated in Iran’s South Khorasan area. It is also a part of the Mozaffari Protected Area. The sand dunes of the Polond desert with the huge mountains giving a beautiful backdrop to the explorers. The major attraction of these dunes is the Cheetah’s Tail – a sand dune shaped like the Cheetah.

Golden Sand Dunes – located in large arid region in the north-western part of Indian subcontinent, Golden Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer Desert covers an area of 2,00,000 kms and is one of the largest deserts in the world. The sand dunes in Jaisalmer is extended from Aravali Hills in the north-east region. Dune bashing is one of the most popular activities which can be best experienced in the golden sand dunes of Jaisalmer.

Besides these, there are many other sand dunes in all over the globe where you can enjoy your desert holidays with friends and family. These are the best way to enjoy desert activities in the sand dunes and have a fun-filled desert holidays. So plan you next memorable holidays as a desert trip and enjoy the amazing desert activities in sand dunes.

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