Top 7 Desert Camps in Jaisalmer to Choose for Camping in 2020

Whenever it comes to the desert camping at Jaisalmer the most popular desert areas is that of Sam and Khuri Sand Dunes. Sam is the most popular place where travelers who look for many outdoor activities like jeep safari whereas the Khuri is familiar for its village desert safari tours. Camping is the most exciting thing which you can experience here over the elongated stretch of desert dunes. Here are some of the top-rated desert camps in Jaisalmer from which you can choose the best suitable one of your interests and comfort. Let’s check out the list –

Rajputana Desert Camp –

The list of best tents in Jaisalmer, Rajputana Desert Camp is one of the top-rated camps in Sam Sand Dunes Jaisalmer where you will find 40 tents and 10 AC cottages for your amazing camping experience in the city. You can also enjoy a cultural evening shows at a campsite that takes place every day at Rajputana Desert Camps.

Mid-Budget Royal Desert Camp –

As the ancient yet classic desert camp in Jaisalmer Sam Sand Dunes, the Royal desert camp is near to the Sam. The camps tend to have 50 desert camps, 5 cottages, 1 restaurant, and facilities for camel or jeep safaris in Jaisalmer. You can enjoy your best experience of camping here.

The Luxury Serai Camp –

An ultimate definition of luxuriousness can be well-reflected at Serai Desert Camp which is located near Jaisalmer. These camps are fully featured with everything that one will require during their luxury stay in the desert. Facilities like a pool, AC tents, spa, and luxury safari tours all together can be experienced here. It is located just 132 kilometers away from Sam and 45 kilometers away from Jaisalmer city.

Mid-Budget Rawla Desert Camp –

Rawla Desert Camp is another mid-budget desert campsite in Jaisalmer which offers the best camping experience in Jaisalmer. These camps are located in a fully remote area of Sam as compared to other ones. Rawla desert camp is perfect for people who would love to get connected with the blissful natural ambiance in the desert area.

Prince Desert Camp –

One of the largest tented camps in Jaisalmer is Prince Desert camps which have 30 tents all together under one roof. As the most luxurious camps are located near the Sam Sand Dunes, the camps are equipped with stunning interiors & bathroom facilities within the suite tents. One can easily experience the charm of luxuriousness while enjoying Jaisalmer desert camping in Prince Desert Camp.

Real Desert Camp –

The finest and renowned name among Desert safari service provider in Jaisalmer, Real Desert Man Camel Safari offers the best desert camping experience in the serene and tranquil aura of desert areas far away from the hustle-bustle of city side. The camps are well-equipped and featured with top-notch camping facilities that will make your stay in desert comfortable and memorable. You can also choose to enjoy luxury desert camping in Jaisalmer at Swiss tents in Jaisalmer at Real Desert campsite.

3-star Damodra Desert Camp –

If you would be interested in getting an experience of the small yet beautiful swiss camp hotel, then Damodra Desert Camp is a perfect choice for you. It offers 10 best desert camps in Jaisalmer, a kitchen for fine dining, and a large stage to organize a cultural evening for folk dance performances and many others. The location of the camp is just 15 kilometers away from Sam Sand Dunes and 30 kilometers from Jaisalmer.

All these are the best desert camps in Jaisalmer which can be your perfect accommodation partner during the course of your Jaisalmer Tour Package. So, book your desert camp now and enjoy your best every desert safari experience in the city.

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