11 Reasons Why Jaisalmer is 1 tourist spot in Rajasthan

Jaisalmer is a tourist attraction for national & international crowd around the world for its unique geography and lifestyle that makes it favorite and popular indeed. The city gives an impression of a desert castle standing with glory and beauty. Here we are enlisting 15 reasons that make Jaisalmer so special and to be truly called as Golden City. 

1. Sonar Fort
Rawal Jaisal was the king who built this magnificent and massive Sonar Fort using yellow sandstone. It took almost 7 years to get completed as with the passage of time minor modifications were always work in progress. The walls and perimeter of the fort have witnessed three major Johar and attacks from foreign enemies, but inspite of such events, this triangular golden fort has never lost its glory. The fort is guarded by double circumference perimeter that gives its extra strength in the time of attack from outside. The most interesting part related to the architecture of the fort is that the sandstone used, is joined without using any adhesive material.

The fort has beautiful Jain Temples, Sheesh Mahal, Rangmahal & Motimahal with special and very finely crafted stonework on hallways and windows. 

2. Golden Desert
The Great Desert of Thar spread across the area of 200,000 sq. km. is the world’s 17th largest desert that makes Jaisalmer so special. Interestingly, this area is India’s biggest wool-producing place due to the large number of cattle it supports due to its extreme climatic conditions. Also, the adverse condition of the desert in no way stop & hurdle a normal life here as it has a density of 83 person per sq. km that makes its the most densely populated desert in the world! 

3. Camel Ride
The Ship of Desert- Camel, is the main attraction in the desert apart from the shifting dunes. Since animal husbandry is the most prominent occupation in this area, the plains of this land always remain in shortage with shrubs and grass due to the abundance of grazing animals. If you are on tour to Jaisalmer and have not experienced Camel Ride, you need to rethink this as it is highly recommended to experience this place with its very own domesticated animal breed.

4. Cultural Evening in the Desert
Well, Thar only looks like a desert actually it is full of life due to the liveliness of its local people. Anyone who is planning to travel and visit the dunes area, may get a chance to enjoy the cultural evening show in amidst of the desert area. The local folk artists known as Banjara (a tribesman community) dressed in black costumes will sing and dance in their own languages who worship snakes. You will find very close relativity of the dance with that of the movements of the snake.

5. Dine &  Night Stay at Sand Dunes
Jaisalmer Tour service providers has expertise the art of making the tourist feel special and touched by cultural diversity. Camping in Sand Dunes is the perfect example of this. If you are looking forward to something different and want an excursion through the dunes away from the crowded places, book a Jaisalmer desert camp where your transportation to the dune area will be taken care of by the service provider. After enjoying a breathtaking sunset from the dunes, you can enjoy the cultural evening show followed by cooking dinner on your own in a barbecue style. The crazier it sounds, the fun is way too much than you can imagine. You can also plan a night stay at the dunes where you will spend a night under the shade of stars.

Luxury camps in the Jaisalmer is another thing to do that might interest you. For more information on luxury camp stay

6. Authentic Village Life Experience
The villages in the Thar are sparsely populated, and by taking a jeep safari you can explore these villages and spend your time with local villagers. Apart from animal husbandry, these people are engaged in making handicraft items. Understanding their lifestyle and spending time in their huts is one that attraction that makes the choice of many travelers.

7. Sunset at Vyas Chattri
Chattries are basically cenotaphs that were created in the bygone era to honor the death of any noble personality. Such is the place is Vyas Chattri which is dedicated to the writer of epic Mahabharata. This place is created using a group of chattries situated at some height. Enjoying the sunset from this place is another unique experience. 

8. Luxury hotels for stunning views
If you want to buy yourself an ultimate luxury time at Jaisalmer, it has many 5 star hotels in its kitty to make your dream come true. Jaisalmer Marriott Hotel,  Killa Bhawan, Suryagarh Jaisalmer, and Chokhi Dhani Palace Hotel will definitely set your foot in its grand vicinity. 

9. A lunch date with musters (a group of peacocks)
With just 40 mins drive from Jaisalmer exists a Khaba Fort which is basically now a ruin of the original fort. Here in the early morning a large number of peacock comes to start off with their morning routine. Spending the morning at this place is a charming and lesser-known activity. If you are looking forward to enjoying some time away from the crowd may be Khaba Fort drive early in the morning will surely make your day delightful.

10. Tour to the Ghost Village
The Kuldhara Village is also known as the Abandoned Village. The mystery behind the missing people till date attract many stories and theories some of which support the scarcity of water as the main reason. The ruins of the huts and small homes along with the mansions of famous merchants is quite an attraction for tourists here. 

11. An exclusive experience with Real Desert Man Safari
Real Desert Man Safari is the only one in Jaisalmer that deals with Best Desert Camp in Jaisalmer. They facilitate to and fro transfer to the dunes area and takes you the places for off beat tracking. Camel ride with camping in the dunes with an overnight stay is the one which is liked by thousands of satisfied customers. If you are coming to Jaisalmer, Real Desert Man Safari will make your trip to Jaisalmer a memorable tour for lifetime. 

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