Weather in Jaisalmer and the best time to plan Jaisalmer Tour

Jaisalmer – the Golden City of Rajasthan enjoys hot and humid climate due to the prominent desert city of the state. Located near the Indo-Pak border, right at the edge of Thar Desert, the city experiences extreme temperatures during summers and winters. Even during the monsoon season, the city receives minimum rainfall that brings the humidity in the atmosphere. Irrespective of weather conditions, the beautiful city has its own unique charm all throughout the year. Although, travelers prefer to avoid traveling in Jaisalmer during hot summers. So, let’s figure out the best time to plan Holidays in Jaisalmer. 

April to August, Summers
April brings the scorching heat of the sun in the city and the months of May and June experiences the hot waves during the day. However, one can mark up an excellent trip with some appropriate safety measures and avail the bumper discounts during the off-season. Traveling in Jaisalmer during the day it is recommended to carry a good sunscreen, wear light clothes, and a hat or scarf to cover your head properly. Remain hydrated during summers is must so carry some water with you whenever you go out. The temperature in Jaisalmer goes up to 420c during the summer season, thus if you can’t bear the hot climate it is recommended to avoid traveling in summers.


September and October, Monsoon 
Jaisalmer enjoys the rainy season for a very short period. During the season, the city experiences very little rainfall that shows an amazing changing landscape of Jaisalmer. It is normal to spot some greenery in the arid desert areas. Due to the slight rainfall, the temperature drops to around 19-330c and tends to get slightly humid. As soon as October approaches, the weather becomes pleasant and tourists start flocking into the city. The evenings become comparatively chilly while the days get more pleasant when the October ends. If you are willing to plan a trip during monsoon season, you are sure to enjoy the lively and vibrant weather after rains. You would easily be able to explore and be mesmerized by the beauty of majestic forts, Havelis, palaces, and pristine temples. 

November to March, Winters 
Always the best time to visit Jaisalmer, winters bring a pleasant atmosphere in the city when tourists can enjoy their Jaisalmer sightseeing in an ultimate way. Along with sightseeing tourists can also enjoy desert activities like quad biking, camel safari, camping in Jaisalmer, etc is more favorable during the day & nights that let you experience some bonfire with traditional folk dance and music performance (arranged by tour operators in Jaisalmer). The windy weather makes the activities even more enjoyable than ever. The season brings out the romance of Jaisalmer. The temperature during winters reaches to around 5-240c, so you will require some warm clothes in Jaisalmer as well. If you visit Jaisalmer during January or February, then you can also enjoy the annual Desert Festival that held in the city and has its own unique charm. You can take part in various activities and events at the Desert Festival. 

One of the best things about Jaisalmer is that all of its attractions are accessible all around the year. Irrespective of the time of your vacations, you will be able to explore the enriched beauty of Jaisalmer to its fullest. Exploring Sonar Quila and unstoppable delicious cuisines within the fortress will be a wonderful experience. Jaisalmer Sightseeing is always remained incomplete without enjoying the ultimate desert activities in the golden sand dunes of Jaisalmer that offers an amazing travel experience in the city. You may enjoy a wonderful holiday in Jaisalmer that gives you a bag full of memories to relish lifetime.

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