All about Jaisalmer New Year Party 2020

Jaisalmer - the Golden City of Rajasthan welcomes you in the desert city with warm gestures and cordial hospitality. Right from the splendid Jaisalmer fort standing on Trikuta hill with the same pride and glamor as that of a bygone era to the Havelis and museums that proudly narrates the stories of valor and chivalry of the Rajput rulers in Jaisalmer. The city was founded by Rajput ruler - Maharawal Jaisal Singh after whom the city got its name as “Jaisalmer” which literally means “the Hill Fort of Jaisal”. With the span of time, the city got its fame in Rajasthan Tourism for its magical desert experiences and historical marvels to explore in Jaisalmer Sightseeing.

Every year Jaisalmer New Year Party held on grand scale which attracts travelers from all over the globe to celebrate the eve while enjoying the desert experience. Nothing can beat the charm of celebrating new year’s over the golden sand dunes of Jaisalmer. This experience will give you a fascinating start of your new year 2020 with all that fun, excitement, and enthusiasm. Here are some glimpses of your new year celebration in Jaisalmer:

Main highlights of New Year Part Jaisalmer 2019 -

Capture the sunset over the sand dunes Jaisalmer - 

While enjoying a bumpy camel safari over the Jaisalmer desert dunes on the non-touristic desert track of golden sand dunes witness the charming sunset view that fills the desert with golden yellow tinge. Capture some amazing photographs of sunset over the dunes and spend some leisure time with your family or friends.

Experience traditional welcome at the camping site -

Once reached at the camping site, you will be welcomed in a Rajasthani traditional way with flowers, tilak and garlands. With this welcoming gesture, you will experience the warm hospitality of Rajasthani people.

Enjoy Rajasthani Cultural Program -

While taking some rest and refreshments, enjoy heart-soothing musical performances of local tribes which includes folk dance, instrumental music, and puppet show. Get entertained and appreciate the art of artisans. With this cultural eve, your gala celebration for welcoming the new year 2020 by saying goodbye to 2019 will begin. Get served with buffet dinner (pure veg) over the dunes while enjoying cultural show.

Get amused by DJ Night with Fusion music -
The celebration will never end without getting engaged and energetic with the beginning of DJ night where the fusion of music will make you go-gaga-over New Year's celebration in Jaisalmer. With the tick-tock of the clock at few seconds before 12 am start countdown with 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…… and “Happy New Year”. Enjoy the bursting fireworks in the dark night and welcome New Year 2020.

Overnight camping over the dunes - 

After having a great drained-out day feel relaxed at your camps in Jaisalmer and experience the bliss of sleeping under the canopy of stars with proper arrangements of camping. All the camps in Jaisalmer are fully equipped with essential amenities and services including the stuff needed for toiletries, food, and water. Even for those with rich tastes and preferences can choose to accommodate themselves in the Luxury Tents in Jaisalmer that contains all the luxurious facilities and amenities for comfortable camping in Jaisalmer.

Inclusions in this tour:

  • Jeep Transport
  • Camel ride in the sand dunes
  • Entry tickets of the monuments/guide.
  • Tea, snacks, mineral water, and dinner/breakfast.
  • Pickup/drop facility to the city.

So what’s your new year plan? If nothing till now, then book your Jaisalmer new tour package with Real Desert Man Safari Jaisalmer and enjoy your wonderful new years eve over the golden sand dunes of Jaisalmer. This time welcome your new year in a great way while having a delight of desert activities. Make your New Year 2020 the most memorable one of your life.

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